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Quran and Hadith

Quran and Hadith

The Holy Quran - Translation of the Quran in all major languages such Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, French, German, and etc.

Compendium of Muslim Texts - Great site for complete translation and transliteration of the Quran. Also provides complete texts of major Hadith works such as Bukhari, Muslim, etc. Very useful site.

Quran Explorer - Quran recitation and Translation in Arabic, English and Urdu.

Dursul Quran- Learn to read the Quran. An english interactive course online. Printed French, Spanish, and English version also available

Quran O Sunnah- Urdu Islamic Website.

Online Quran Learning- Online course on learning to read the Quran with tajweed, memorization, et. One on One with tutor reading the Quran.

Scholaris - Videos of the translation and explanation of Quran in Urdu and English, learn to read the Quran a whole lesson in urdu. A great website for urdu speaking people who want to learn to read the Quran or explaination