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Naveen (Navin) Waqar marries Azfar Ali

Azfar Ali and Navin Waqar with Naveen's parents
This is probably the most shocking story of the year that actress Naveen Waqar marrying director Azfar Ali who was previously married to actress Salma Hassan. Everyone knew that Naveen was getting married but it was a shock to see that she is marrying Azfar Ali. Salma and Azfar seemed like a happy couple with a beautiful daughter and the divorce just happened few months before Naveen and Azfar's marriage.

Navin Waqar Mehndi

Naveen Waqar Azfar Ali Walima

Naveen Waqar and Azfar Ali Marriage

Navin Waqar and Azfar Ali Wedding pics