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Making Dua

Aisha radhiallaahu anha said, "No believer makes Dua and
it is wasted. Either it is granted here in this world
or deposited for him in the Hereafter as long as he does not get

1. Have Wudu, face Qibla, be neat and clean
2. Raise both hands up to the shoulder with palms open facing up
3. Use words of Allah and Muhammad (SAW)-
i.e. Duas found in Quran and Hadith
4. Ask by Asma alHusna- Allah's Beautiful Names
5. Ask Allah by your good deeds
6. Be insistent-repeat (i.e. 3x's)
7. Glorify Allah and recite Durud for the Prophet (SAW) at
both the beginning and end
8. Show humility, entreaty, desire and fear while making Dua
9. Repent and try to make amends where one has wronged
10. Confess mistakes, shortcomings, and sins
11. Keep voice between a whisper and speaking aloud
12. Show the need for Allah's help and implore Him for release
from weakness, hardship and tribulation.
13. Seize the opportunity of time, situation and circumstance in
which prayers are answered
14. Avoid rhymed prose to keep concentration
15. Crying when making Dua
16. The Dua of Dhun-Nun (Yunus) by which he invoked Allah from
within the belly of the whale was: "LAa ilaha illa
Anta, Subhanaka innee kuntu min aDH-DHaalimeen."
No Muslim ever makes Dua with it but Allah
answers it." [at tirmidhi in his sunan, ahmad
and hakim reported it and hakim declared it
authentic and adh dhahabee agreed]

17. End with "Alhamdulillah rabbil alameen"