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Indian Singer Abhijeet Calls Pakistani Singers Besura

Singer Abhijeet, known as the voice behind some of Hindi cinema’s most memorable songs, including 'Main koi aisa geet gaoon' and 'Badi Mushkil Hai,' has hit out at Pakistan and Pakistanis once again. In the past, Abhijeet used the forum of reality shows to run down pop singer Atif Aslam for his lack of singing skills and training. In general, too, the Indian singer has been very vocal about his opposition to Pakistani singers recording and performing in India.

In a recent interview to the Times of India, Abhijeet has done it again. Referring to reports of links between director and producer Mahesh Bhatt’s son, Rahul Bhatt, and terror suspect, David Headley, Abhijeet said, ‘Years ago, I had protested about Mahesh Bhatt and his soft corner for Pakistan. But nobody took notice. And see what’s happening now. I want to know why a thorough investigation isn’t being carried out against the whole Bhatt family? How come no one else in the industry had any connections with US terror suspect David Headley except the Bhatt family?’

While criticising the Bhatt family, Abhijeet couldn't resist throwing a barb at his pet peeve: Pakistani talent. ‘Why do they call Pakistani singers and actors to work in India when we have so much talent here? Both the brothers, Mahesh and Mukesh themselves travel to Delhi and personally get the visas of Pakistani artists made. Why?’ he asked.

Abhijeet also described Pakistani singers as 'besura' (out of tune). 'People praise Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice, but have they heard Sukhwinder Singh? There’s no better singer than Sukhwinder,' said Abhijeet, adding, 'and the irony is that it’s hardly been a year since 26/11 and already songs of two Pakistani singers, Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, are topping the Indian music charts.’

In an email to the media, Pooja Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, a film producer and director in her own right) has hit back at the scornful singer. She writes: ‘[Abhijeet] is obviously going through a mental 'recession' and has a severe case of sour grapes as well since both Fisheye Network and Vishesh films do not consider using his voice for any of our films.’

Referring to Abhijeet’s rant about Headley's Pakistani connection, Pooja Bhatt retorted, ‘[Abhijeet] has forgotten one vital point, Headley's American connection. Headley was after all, half-Pakistani and half-American. Now should we stop our Prime Minister from working with Obama too?’